Unleashed is an International collective who are building an art enriched world, where creators and collectors work together to uplift everyone. We are supporting the creation and collection of unique and valuable collectable objects, from artwork to fashion, represented and backed by the NFT standards born from blockchain.

We are facilitating a crossover from the world of contemporary arts & the world of digital assets.

Collect Fashion, collect Art, all with the immutability, security and provenance offered by Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

our use of blockchain

NFT standards (ERC721 & ERC1155) are the dominant format for NFTs in the art world.  At the same time Ethereum’s popularity combined with its inefficient Proof of Work consensus mechanism are at odds with a smooth and sustainable user experience.  Ethereum transaction fees are extremely high, and transactions are frequently failing leaving users out of pocket hundreds of euros for no gain.  The energy consumed in proof of Work mining is also an environmental concern for many.

In an effort to address these concerns Unleashed.Art has elected to use an Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution, Polygon.  The biggest marketplace for NFTs, Opensea supports and runs extremely well on Polygon. All the same contract code that runs nn Ethereum runs many times faster and cheaper on Polygon.  Best of all, the NFTs created with Opensea on Polygon can easily be bridged back and forth to Ethereum, if you are willing to pay the transaction fee to be on Ethereum layer 1.  Polygon account addresses are identical to Ethereum.  If you have a key for an ETH address, the same key works on your Polygon address, making the overall experience as frictionless as possible.


We offer 3 modes of payment


1. For the crypto savvy:  a direct link to acquire our NFTs for ETH on Opensea is offered for every artwork.

2. For the crypto curious: we offer an easy entry into owning Ethereum/Polygon NFTs while still paying with standard €-Euro payment methods.  You will be prompted to provide an Ethereum address on checkout, and you will shortly receive your NFT directly on your address and visible on your Opensea account, without any cryptographically signed transactions or paying any gas fees. You can go ahead and Create an Ethereum address and connect it to Opensea with this guide.  Once you have your Ethereum public address, provide it to us in the checkout form.

3. For the crypto agnostic: you can pay with standard €-Euro payment methods we will supply your artwork directly via file transfer or preferred shipping and Unleashed.Art will hold the corresponding NFT in our custodial crypto address until any future point in time when you are ready to receive the NFT in your own crypto account.