Feng Hao

Feng Hao

Feng Hao is an artist, composer,  bandleader based in Beijing who works in sound, video, and installation.

By drawing on mass culture, graphics, and industrial design, Feng Hao has been challenging the current Chinese modernism.

As a sound artist, Feng Hao has been exploring the feasibility and the boundary of prepared guitar for years and the artist conducts his fieldwork in all kinds of social environments with his unique perspective presented in formats ranging from live concert to immersive theatre and captured in sound and film.

For Plunderphonics projects, Feng Hao plays under the alias of ‘DJ Strausss’, for other improvisation and performance projects, Feng Hao founded Walnut Room as a duo and Dreaming Julie as a trio, in which the artists adopt sampling and phrasing closely, resulting both dramatic audio and visual effect at the site.


Red Noise