Maria Marshall

Maria Marshall

Maria Marshall was born in Bombay. Today, she lives and works in Berlin. A dual Swiss and British citizen, she holds a degree in sculpture from the Wimbledon College of Arts in London. She has also studied at the Chelsea College of Arts in London and the Geneva School of Fine Arts.

The general atmosphere of her films are dreamlike and agonizing. She takes on moral and psychological issues, using digital illusions and creating pieces that, projected as installations are striking for the spectator’s mind. The intention is not to shock, but to provoke the viewer through a seductive image, to ask himself what makes him feel uncomfortable. Her films often revolve around the world of childhood, projecting adult concerns. She stages them in situations that make the adult viewer uncomfortable. Innocence itself becomes ambiguous. It perverts these ‘taboo’ subjects, childhood, innocence, oscillating between good and evil, between sacred and profane.


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