Markus Schaller

Markus Schaller

Markus Schaller is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Berlin. He received his Master of Fine Arts in 1994 from the Berlin University of the Arts under Professor Rebecca Horn. Since 1993 he has exhibited in private galleries, museums and sculpture gardens worldwide.

Markus represented the german arts at the XLVII Venice Biennale and the Vancouver Sculpture Biennale.

Aktom, 2018

Video, 2k, 32 min.

In the video work Aktom, Markus Schaller used the arrangement of his forge to swirl graphite powder, pure carbon, through the air and filmed it with high-resolution video images. The hexagonal crystal system of the graphite is reflected in the light and becomes visible. Like cosmic dust, the carbon swirls around, creating macrocosmic images that spring from the viewer’s imagination. The whirled up graphite is reflected in the most diverse facets and colour combinations of reciprocal influence can be assumed. No formation is like the other. Its origin disappears in the artificially slowed movement. A possible meaning of the pictures is only conceived by ourselves through our attention and imagination. Actomes are atomic decisions that construct new truths at the moment. This reminds us that it is us who are directly responsible for what reality we create in play with others.