Misha Milovanovich

Misha Milovanovich

Misha was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia and has been living and working in London since 1988. Her work has been collected widely for her painting, ceramics  and her Modernist-inspired sculptures, often rendered in bright colours that her paintings are  already known for.

Misha Milovanovich’s work fuses a variety of motifs across several mediums, ranging from sculpture to painting, ceramics and NFT’s. Characterised by a profusion of exuberant colours and shapes creating energetic optical cadences, Misha blurs boundaries.

Her art demonstrates the richness within the incongruous middle-ground spectrum that she favours: unlikely combinations of  abstraction and figuration, painting  sculpture and conceptualism. In her most recent sculptures that unique aesthetic —sourced from a constellation of references, achieve an other-worldly totemic presence.

Misha’s sculptures are anthropomorphic creations that exude warmth and humour while performing homage to Miro, Picasso, David Smith, Louise Bourgeois and Noguchi. The thread that runs through her abstract work is it’s human quality. Science refers a primeval being that still resides in the cerebellum part of our brain, regardless of the challenges posed by data and algorithms.

The Shape of Colour

Misha’s work also incorporates elements from popular culture– music, digital art & cartoons that  humorously intersperse  references of art history. The approach is too playful to rest with any dogmatic style or trend, and delivers a holistic effect by her unorthodox repertoire.