erratic weather


“Gallery Weekend

Berlin 2020


This years exhibition program is emphasising and shedding light on the ever growing topic of the human impact on our planet and changes these impacts are having on us and our lives. We believe that art has always been the language that has addressed sensitive themes which have encouraged us to engage with alternative perspectives. In our accelerated lives these topics are mostly not given the time to indulge. Art gives us this time to indulge and with the help of technology that is currently ruling our modern lives in many sectors, it gives artists a new way of expressing themselves. Big data, AI and deep learning are undermining our social behaviour, our morals and our identities, but these technologies in a context with art can also enlighten and help us understand where humanity is heading.



Despite some world leaders skepticism, climate change is a reality and the world isn’t just warming, in some parts of the planet the weather is becoming more erratic. During the last years, our generation has started to observe the effects and consequences of this shift, witnessing violent and unexpected climate phenomenons.Erratic Weather is a digital art project aiming to represent changing atmospheric conditions into an immersive multimedia experience. During the performance, the system uses various source of weather information retrieved from an online database and processed on real time to generate a visual and a surround sound composition.During 30 minutes the audience will experience the life cycle of swirling phenomenons such typhoon, hurricane and tropical cyclone , demonstrating the devastating power of the nature and the emergency to preserve it.

Due to the Coronavirus, the exhibition is postponed until further notice!

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